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Water Damage Rug Repair

A very special rug holding sentimental value or one that has been passed through your family for generations that becomes damaged can be distressing. If the treasured rug damage is due to exposure to normal moisture or water damage by a flood, the job of water damage repair needs to be placed in the right hands.

Types of Water Damage

Moisture can lead to warping, shrinkage, and unsightly stains. Color-related issues such as bleeding and fading are often caused by water exposure. The ‘old’ smell associated with a family heirloom is typically related to mildew and mold.

Mold spores can reside in a rug for years. Chinese, Persian, and other exotic rugs bleed or fade from water damage.

Expert technicians are equipped with the experience and knowledge needed to repair and restore water-damaged rugs.
Area and Oriental rugs can absorb significant amounts of water, Mold and bacteria can live in the construction and pile of the rug. Untreated, mold eats through the foundation The mold will rot the rug and cause stains. Having water-damaged rugs cleaned as quickly as possible is important.

The Repair Process

Excess water is extracted from the rug. This step prevents the growth of mold. The rug is then put through a super wash process. Several rounds of dusting are done to remove dried bacteria and mold as well as dirt and dust out of the rug.
The rug is then washed with shampoo and sanitized. After the rug is conditioned, a final extraction is performed. The rug is dried naturally. The color is restored if necessary.Your rug is once again beautiful

An Oriental rug’s beauty can be destroyed if not protected from long term water exposure. Most rugs are made of wool and can be cleaned and dried by a professional. There are sometimes unstable colors at issue. Knowledgeable technicians can control colors in the wash process for most rugs.
A large number of rugs have cotton wefts and warps. Warps run from one end of the rug to the other. They make up hand knotted rug fringe. Knots are attached to the warps to create the pile. Wefts run under and over warps and between the know rows. They provide side to side strength.

Common Cause of Water Damage to Rugs

When rugs stay wet for long periods, the cotton foundation weakens and rots. Potted plants, placed directly on rugs, can leak onto the rugs if they are over watered. The moisture drains and causes the rug to be always damp. In a couple of weeks, the rug is so weak chunks of the pile can tear from the rug with a slight tug of the hand.
Placing a rug over damp concrete is another water causing damage. Even concrete floors that are not noticeably wet have enough moisture to cause warps and wefts to degrade.

Concrete slabs sitting on dirt will have natural water vaporization come through them that is absorbed by the rugs.
Over time, the strength of the rug foundation will be affected. A rug that feels peculiarly stiff is likely water damaged. The popping and cracking sound heard is the weft and warp fibers breaking. The good news is experienced rug repair technicians can reweave damaged and dry rotted areas of a rug.