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Are you looking for a way to refresh and restore your furry friend, the viscose rug? With this comprehensive cleaning service, you can get professional care with expert guidance to help make the best choice for your particular rug. Get your rugs shining and feeling like new again!


The luxurious feel of a silk carpet may be yours with the purchase of a stunning viscose rug, These rugs are also notorious for their susceptibility to water cleaning and frequent vacuuming, which significantlyviscose rug in a sitting room increases the difficulty, effort, and tension involved in keeping them clean.

We enter the picture at this point. The professionals at NYC’s Area Rug Cleaning know every nuance of these carpets, from how they’re made to the chemicals used in them to where they’re most susceptible to damage. When it comes to cleaning viscose rugs, we have everything you could possibly need. Contact us so we can explain in detail how we can help you.

New York City’s Premier Viscose Carpet Cleaning Service

We have worked with hundreds of various styles of area rugs over the years, and have gained a wealth of practical knowledge as a result. Due to the challenges we’ve encountered, we’ve established our own procedures for evaluating, cleaning, and maintaining certain types of delicate carpets, including viscose carpeting. We are familiar with the intricacies of washing and drying such a rug, as well as applying fabric

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Viscose Rug Inspections

Detection of Weakness in Fibers

In order to estimate how many times the rug may be washed before the fibers give out, our expert staff examines each one individually. The most recommended number of vacuum cleaner passes over a viscose rug is roughly 70. As a point of reference, a wool rug can withstand around 10,000 stretching and tugging cycles, whereas a silk rug can withstand around 2,000 times.

Prototyping with a Color Run

Color run or bleeding testing is another crucial part of the inspection process. We plan to analyze the rug from top to bottom, pattern by pattern, to determine what sort of dyes were employed. Be aware that the viscose fibers may not hold up well to foot contact because they are so delicate. When they get wet, whether from washing, an accident involving fluids, excessive humidity at home, or a flood, they often lose half of their potency. Hence, viscose is not a very wise choice when it comes to dependable and robust floor covering, and cleaning and preserving it is also quite challenging and virtually always requires the attention and support of expert viscose rug cleaners.

Investigation into the staining’s origins

As part of our viscose rug cleaning in New York, our specialists will also investigate the origins of any spots or spills. The use of low-power steam cleaners or liquid stain removers may be necessary for removing certain of them. But, the use of such techniques risks damaging the rug’s fibers, which in turn might alter the rug’s color and make it seem soiled.

Cleaning and Vacuuming Viscose Carpets

In the case of an older viscose rug that has already been severely damaged due to improper washing, high levels of humidity, a small flood, accidental spills, or pet urine accidents, our IICRC-certified cleaners will inspect the rug and determine the best course of action for it, and then discuss all the details with you and let you know what to expect. If a customer brings us a viscose carpet, we typically use a low moisture washing method. We can control the quantity of water that enters the rugs, preventing any additional damage, and then quickly dry them so that the fibers don’t change color or break. Dry sweeping with a low-power vacuum cleaner is also a good alternative for these carpets since it helps to reduce fiber tugging. Employing a standard vacuum cleaner would likely result in significant fiber pulling, which would cause serious damage due to the automatic tugging of the fragile strands.

We Clean Viscose Rugs at Low Cost. Free Estimates.

Get in touch with us over the phone for a no-obligation estimate on cleaning your rayon carpet or art silk rug, and we’ll be happy to elaborate on our services, address your worries, and address any questions you may have.

In order to extend the life of your cherished viscose rugs and save you money on replacements, give us a call now (347) 974-7276 and arrange a cleaning appointment with our top viscose rug cleaners in New York.