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Keep your Turkish Kilim rug looking vibrant and luxurious with our extensive cleaning and restoration services. Let us help you preserve this timeless piece of art! In your home or business


Contact us if you’re in the New York region and looking for reasonably priced expert rug cleaning for your Turkish Kilim. Rug cleaning services in NYC are provided by  Area Rug Cleaning NYC. Our team of professionals is IICRC-certified and has over 25 years of expertise in the field; they will work hard and efficiently for you. We can fix your carpets in a variety of ways, from simple fringe or rip repairs to major structural damage restoration, from removing old liquid spill stains from the fibers to expert rug washing.

We can help you with any kind of Kilim you have, whether it an old tulu carpet, a hand-knotted one, a tribal Bohemian rug, a hand-woven one with intricate patchwork and a rich history, or anything else. To receive a free pricing quotation and other information about our company, please contact us via the web form or at (347) 974-7276.

Ask Our Rug Cleaners About Your Turkish Kilim and See Whether They Can Help!Turkish kilim rug on the floor in a living room

Kilim rugs made in Turkey are part of a larger category of carpets called Turkish rugs, but are typically referred to by only their Turkish name. The flat carpets with woven tapestry are commonly displayed as wall hangings or utilized as the focal point of a prayer space. Whether you just got back from a trip to the southwestern region of Asia and brought back a brand new Kilim or you inherited a century-old Turkish Kilim from your great-grandparents, our experts can take good care of your rug. Because of their one-of-a-kind production processes that use cotton and wool knotted in symmetrical knots, all of these items are incredibly precious. Kilims can be as little as a throw rug or as huge as an area rug.

Kilim rugs are not as durable as other varieties of Oriental area rugs and carpets due to the low number of threads used in the weave (14 wrap threads and 16 weft threads for every inch). To create a perfectly smooth surface during weaving, a certain technique of closely interweaving the warp and the weft strands is necessary. The weaving on these carpets are often tapestry-like, and they include stunning designs.

Each and every one of the Kilims that we entrust to our cleaners has a rich history and was crafted by skilled artisans. They have the practical knowledge, data, secrets, and tidbits necessary to deal with these high-quality rugs and stop any more harm.

In most cases, our clients contact us to clean the following types of Turkish Kilim rugs:

Inspecting Area Rugs
Evaluation of Color Stability
Cleansing with ruh water
Repairs to Rugs
Removing a Spot
Products for Cleaning and Deodorizing Rugs
Our Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning Services Are the Best for These Reasons.

Whatever has happened to your rugs—heavy foot traffic, stains, everyday wear and tear, pollen, a house flood—we can help you bring back their former glory. We may examine your priceless Kilims’ yarn, fibers, and warp to ascertain the best method for cleaning, beating, vacuuming, and removing stains. With our resources, we can handle any request with competence and precision.

All of our cleaners are not only IICRC-certified, but also bonded and insured, so they can back up their word whenever they’re hired for a new project. If you’re not happy with the final product, for whatever reason, please contact us again so that we may look into the situation and make any necessary adjustments.

Depending on the size, shape, material, and coloration of your rug, we’ll develop a cleaning strategy that’s tailor-made for it. Most Kilims are dyed using plant or insect-based pigments that may not fare well in our colorfastness testing; this means they may experience color-run while washing. This is a common difficulty that our specialists confront, and it affects rugs of all quality levels. Fortunately, we’ve perfected a process that significantly reduces the possibility of color leakage during production. To keep the carpets in pristine condition while removing dirt and germs from the fibers, we use safe, dry and wet cleaning solutions and rigorous vacuuming.

To prevent structural damage, we use crevice tools and lower the suction settings on our strong vacuum cleaners. Also, we vacuum on both sides of the rug, taking care to avoid the fringe so that it doesn’t get ripped off. The shampoos and detergents we use on our Kilims are safe for the environment and the carpets, yet effective in removing dirt and stains.

Services for Restoring and Repairing Kilim Rugs in New York

Repairing damaged Kilims is another area of expertise for our team, whether it be through the use of the chain or blanket stitch, the application of specialized re-fringing techniques, the replacement of missing or broken fringes, or the addition of missing yarn and the weaving of patches while ensuring perfect color matching. We can re-knot rugs with loose or broken knots and re-bind carpets that have been unrolled.

We can reweave the heaps if the foundation is severely broken, making sure that the colors and patterns flow harmoniously.

Cleaning Costs That Won’t Break the Bank for Your Turkish Kilim

To receive your no-obligation quotation, simply contact us by phone or email. Let us set up an appointment with a New York-based Turkish Kilim rug cleaning service. Every project is completed to your satisfaction at the lowest prices in town, guaranteed.

Get in contact with us at (347) 974-7276 if you’re interested in learning more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!