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If you are searching for professional Turkish Kilim rug cleaning services at good rates in the New York area, give us a call. Oriental Area Rug Cleaning NYC is your go-to carpet cleaner in the city. We are prepared to put our experience of 25+ years in the industry and our skilled and diligent IICRC-certified team of specialists at your disposal. Whether you need some minor fringe or tear repairs or you need complex structural damage restoration, you want some old liquid spill spots removed from the fibers or you need to have your rugs washed professionally, we are the people for the job. 

We work with all types of Kilims, including antique tulu carpets, hand-knotted carpets, tribal bohemian rugs, handwoven rugs with complex patchwork and impressive history behind them, and anything else you might need assistance with. Fill in our online form or give us a call at (908) 866-5278 to get a free price quote along with more details of our line of work. 

What Can Our Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning Cleaners Do For You?

Turkish Kilim rugs belong to a wider range of rugs known as Turkish rugs and they are oftentimes only referred to as “Kilims”. They are flat rugs with woven tapestry and they are oftentimes used for decorative purposes on the walls and floors, or as centerpieces used as prayer rugs. Whether our Kilim is a new purchase from your last vacation in the south-western part of Asia or you have inherited an antique, century-old Turkish Kilim rug from the previous generation, our specialists can give your rig the care and attention it deserves. All these pieces are extremely valuable thanks to their vivid colors, amazing patterns, and unique manufacturing techniques that rely on cotton and wool tied using symmetrical knots. The size of Kilims varies from small to large rugs that can fit an entire room. 

Because of the 14 wrap threads and 16 threads of weft used per every inch of weave, Kilim rugs are not as sturdy as other types of Oriental area rugs and carpets. Their weaving also requires the use of a certain tightly interweaving technique done on the warp and the strands of the weft to generate a completely flat surface. More often than not, the weaves on these rugs take the form of tapestry with beautiful motifs.

Our cleaners have a deep understanding of the impressive history and workmanship put behind each and every one of the Kilims they are asked to clean or restore. They have the needed hands-on expertise, information, secrets, and tidbits needed to tackle these superb rugs and prevent further damage to them. 

These are some of the main Turkish Kilim rug cleaning services we are hired to do most often: 

  • Rug inspection
  • Colorfastness testing
  • Ruh washing
  • Rug repairs
  • Stain removal 
  • Rug restoration 
  • Deodorization solutions 

Why Choose Our Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning Services?

Whether your rugs have been severely affected by heavy traffic, staining, regular wear-and-tear, pollen, or a home flood, we can help you restore their lost beauty and luster. We know just how to assess the yarn, fibers, and warp in your precious Kilims and determine what is the safest course of action in terms of washing, beating, vacuuming, and stain removal. We have the right tools, products, and manpower to answer any request with professionalism and the utmost care. 

Our cleaners do not only possess IICRC certificates but they are also bonded and insured and can guarantee their work with each new job they are asked to do. If, for whatever reason, you are not fully satisfied with the end result of our work, we warmly encourage you to get back to us and let us return, assess the issue, and make all the needed changes to fix the problem. 

We work with entirely customizable rug cleaning plans that can cater to the exact needs and particularities of each rug that reaches us. Since the majority of Kilims are colored with natural dyes from plants and insects that will not pass our colorfastness tests, this does not make them color-run safe, potentially leading to additional problems during the washing. This issue can occur to both low-quality and high-quality rugs and it represents an important challenge that our experts often face. Luckily, we have managed to develop a work methodology that allows us to cut the risk of color bleeding to a minimum. We rely on non-harmful, dry, and wet cleaning products and vacuuming techniques to preserve the state of the rugs while getting rid of the accumulated dust and bacteria in the fibers. 

When using our powerful vacuum cleaners, we rely on crevice tools and avoid using the high suction settings to prevent structural damage. We also vacuum on both sides of the rug while steering clear from the fringe area to prevent them from getting torn off. We rely on eco-friendly, non-harmful detergents and shampoos for Kilims that can thoroughly wash the rugs while removing most stains and spots. 

Kilim Rug Repair and Restoration Services in NY

Our experts also specialize in using the chain or blanket stitching technique to repair broken Kilims, replacing missing or broken fringes using dedicated re-fringing methods, or putting back missing yarn and weaving patches while making sure all the colors match perfectly. We also handle re-knotting services for broken knots and re-bind rugs to bring back the rug’s functionality.

If you are dealing with a more complex problem with a damaged foundation, we can proceed to reweave the piles while ensuring the colors and patterns come together nicely.

Affordable Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning Prices

Get your free price quote by giving us a call or dropping us a line. Let us schedule a cleaning job with our expert Turkish Kilim rug cleaning company in New York. We guarantee the most affordable rates in the city and your full satisfaction with every job. 

For more details on what we do, get in touch with us at (908) 866-5278. We look forward to hearing from you!