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Thanks to their eye-catching texture and apparently messy design, shag rugs can add more personality to any room. Their apparently chaotic frizz and unique, uneven pile create the impression of a cluttered or bumpy rug. However, this is also the thing that makes them require special care and maintenance. Our expert shag rug cleaners in NY can clean, repair, restore, and remove stains from all types of shag rugs, no matter the design, fabrics, color, size, and patterns.

Do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line right now to schedule your next maintenance or deep cleaning job for your shaggy rugs with us. We have 25+ years of experience in the industry and we use the best green seal cleaning products in New York.

Our Shag Rug Cleaning Services in NY

When cleaned regularly and maintained correctly, shag rugs delight owners and their guests with their smoothness and comfort. The long, hanging yarn and loose piles are, however, not only attractive for buyers, but they can also prove to be a real hassle when it comes to rug maintenance. This is because they attract large amounts of dirt, dust mites, and allergens. The excessive build-up of these contaminants will not only make the rugs feel and look dirty, but it will also cause a number of allergies in some people.

Our technicians are trained to carefully inspect any manually knitted or tufted shag rug coming their way and decide what is the best cleaning method to apply to it. They are also experienced working with a wide array of machine-knitted shaggy rugs with different dyeing and weaving techniques, made of different types of warp, yard, and pile. 

Hand-tufted rugs are more vulnerable and susceptible to damage, which is why they require more attention during the cleaning procedure. They cannot be washed with water, because they have up to four different layers that are held in place with the help of latex adhesive. Since latex is a type of glue that contains water, it is expected to dissolve in the water during washing.

The face of these rugs is manufactured by punching yarns through sheets of fabric to create the pile. Another backing is sometimes added to make the rug more rigid. Fillers can also be added for extra padding, while the bottom layer of these rigs is usually made of heavy cloth.

Washing a tufted rug, therefore, means destroying the layers and turning any filler into the material a powdery matter. The powder will start coming out of the rug the second you are going to start stepping on the rug. back home and walk on it. We know just how to select the most suitable carpet cleaners and get rid of dirt and staining while protecting the integrity of the rug altogether. 

We also offer professional vacuuming solutions for hand-tufted shag rugs, usually with the help of industrial-grade dusters that can keep the integrity of the long fibers intact. 

Green Seal, Environmentally-Friendly Shaggy Rug Cleaners  

We only rely on 100% organic, green seal, mild cleaners that contain alkaline substances that are non-toxic. This means they will not cause any running or fading colors or additional damage to the structure of the rug, its patterns, and dye. We always perform color fastness tests on all carpets we are asked to clean and we perform detailed weaving, taft, fiber, and yarn inspections to determine the exact state of the rug. We never use any cleaners that contain harsh chemicals.

Shag Rug Repairs and Restoration Work in NY

Our specialists also handle all types of repairs and restoration procedures for all known models of shag rugs. These can help expand the lifespan of any carpet while bringing back its lost luster, functionality, and beauty. Our IICRC-certified cleaners know how to re-weave missing or broken areas, repair damaged repairs, restore faded colors and eradicate the traces of moth infestation from your shaggy rugs. They can also deodorize your rugs while getting rid of disturbing pet waste odors.

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