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Shag carpets are a great way to give a space more character because of its unique texture and casual appearance. Its peculiar, irregular pile and unkempt, chaotic frizz give the image of a jumbled or rough carpet. Yet this is also what makes them so delicate and difficult to maintain.

No matter the style, materials, hue, or pattern of your shag rug, our New York City-based experts in rug cleaning will be able to get it clean, repaired, restored, and spot-free in no time.

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Professional Rug Cleaning for Shag Rugs in New York

When properly cared for, the softness and comfort of a shag rug will please its owner and any visitors they may host. Yet, the long, trailing yarn and loose heaps, while appealing to purchasers, may be a major pain to clean and maintain. The reason for this is that they are magnets for grime, dust mites, and other allergies. The accumulation of these pollutants will make the carpets appear and feel unclean, and it will also trigger a variety of allergic reactions in certain people.

Every hand-knit or hand-tufted shag rug that comes our way is examined by a skilled professional who then decides the best cleaning process to use. In addition, they have extensive expertise dealing with a broad variety of machine-knit shaggy rugs, including those with a variety of pile heights and thicknesses, as well as warp and yard constructions.

As they are more delicate, hand-tufted carpets need special care when being cleaned. As they are made of up to four separate layers, each of which is adhered to the others with latex adhesive, they are water resistant but not washable. As latex is a water-based adhesive, it should break down in the washing machine’s water.

The pile on the front of these rugs is made by punching strands through flat sheets of cloth. The rigidity of the rug can be increased by using a second backing. The base of these rigs is typically composed of thick cotton, and fillers can be added for additional padding if necessary.

Because of this, washing a tufted rug will disintegrate the pile and render the filler powdery. After you begin to walk on the carpeting, the powder will begin to escape. back to your house and put your feet on it. We are well-versed in choosing the best carpet cleaners and removing dirt and stains without causing any damage to the rug itself.

We also provide expert vacuuming services, typically with industrial-strength dusters that won’t damage the rugs’ long fibers, for hand-tufted shag carpets.

Products for Cleaning Scuffy Rugs that Have Earned the “Green Seal”

We only use non-toxic, alkaline cleansers that are gentle and have a green mark of approval. They won’t ruin the rug’s structure, design, or dye, and they won’t make the colors run or fade. While cleaning a carpet, we always check its colorfastness and study its weaving, taft, fibers, and yarns in depth to find out how bad it really is. In our cleaning processes, we never resort to the use of any products that contain dangerous chemicals.

New York Area Rug Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration Services for Shag Rugs

In addition, our experts are fully capable of doing any necessary repairs or restoration processes on any brand or style of shag rug. They may restore the look, feel, and functioning of your carpet and extend its life. We have cleaners that are IICRC-certified and can re-weave any missing or broken sections, fix any damaged patches, revive any fading colors, and get rid of any evidence of a moth infestation in your shag carpets. Besides removing the unpleasant smell of pet excrement, they may help deodorize your rugs.

Right Now You You Get a No-Cost Estimate to Have Your Messy Carpets Cleaned

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our helpful support team if you’d want a quick rundown of the price to clean your shag rug. They’d be pleased to address your concerns and give you with reliable, honest information.

The cost estimates for our area rug cleaning services are always free. Getting a quotation from us won’t obligate you to do anything, but it will give you an idea of what to expect financially so you can plan properly. We have the best costs in New York because we use the most cutting-edge technology and the most effective materials to clean rugs.

Give us a ring right now and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation, no-cost estimate on the spot. Restore the original beauty of your micro shag, short shag, or long shag rug by scheduling a cleaning appointment with us.

Our technicians are trained to carefully inspect any manually knitted or tufted shag rug coming their way and decide what is the best cleaning method to apply to it. They are also experienced working with a wide array of machine-knitted shaggy rugs with different dyeing and weaving techniques, made of different types of warp, yard, and pile. 

Hand-tufted rugs are more vulnerable and susceptible to damage, which is why they require more attention during the cleaning procedure. They cannot be washed with water, because they have up to four different layers that are held in place with the help of latex adhesive. Since latex is a type of glue that contains water, it is expected to dissolve in the water during washing.

The face of these rugs is manufactured by punching yarns through sheets of fabric to create the pile. Another backing is sometimes added to make the rug more rigid. Fillers can also be added for extra padding, while the bottom layer of these rigs is usually made of heavy cloth.

Washing a tufted rug, therefore, means destroying the layers and turning any filler into the material a powdery matter. The powder will start coming out of the rug the second you are going to start stepping on the rug. back home and walk on it. We know just how to select the most suitable carpet cleaners and get rid of dirt and staining while protecting the integrity of the rug altogether. 

We also offer professional vacuuming solutions for hand-tufted shag rugs, usually with the help of industrial-grade dusters that can keep the integrity of the long fibers intact. 

Green Seal, Environmentally-Friendly Shaggy Rug Cleaners  

We only rely on 100% organic, green seal, mild cleaners that contain alkaline substances that are non-toxic. This means they will not cause any running or fading colors or additional damage to the structure of the rug, its patterns, and dye. We always perform color fastness tests on all carpets we are asked to clean and we perform detailed weaving, taft, fiber, and yarn inspections to determine the exact state of the rug. We never use any cleaners that contain harsh chemicals.

Shag Rug Repairs and Restoration Work in NY

Our specialists also handle all types of repairs and restoration procedures for all known models of shag rugs. These can help expand the lifespan of any carpet while bringing back its lost luster, functionality, and beauty. Our IICRC-certified cleaners know how to re-weave missing or broken areas, repair damaged repairs, restore faded colors and eradicate the traces of moth infestation from your shaggy rugs. They can also deodorize your rugs while getting rid of disturbing pet waste odors.

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If you want to get a brief breakdown of the shag rug cleaning cost, feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer support crew. They would be more than happy to answer all your curiosities and provide you with professional, accurate, and transparent answers. 

We also offer free prize estimates on all of our area rug cleaning services. Our price quotes do not incur any obligations for you, but they should help you make an idea of what to expect and prepare your budget accordingly. Since we work with a highly experienced and well-trained crew and the most advanced and efficient rug cleaning equipment and products in the NY area, our prices are hard to beat.

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