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Persian Rug Cleaning Services That We Offer

  • Persian rug cleaning with eco-friendly, green seal products
  • advanced colorfast testing
  • Repairs for Persian rugs
  • Persian rug restoration
  • stain removal solutions for Persian rugs 
  • Persian rug maintenance

Why Choose Our Persian Rug Cleaners NY

We know Persian rugs inside out. 

We have a firm understanding of the complex manufacturing process behind Persian rugs. Our technicians know all the ins and outs of the weaving techniques used to create these antique rugs that are found in many New York homes and commercial spaces. For example, we know all the intriguing details of the Bidjar rug weaving process that implies the use of extra water by the Kurdish people located in the North-West part of Iran. We are also familiar with the way Kerman rugs’ floral patterns have been hand-dyed with natural dyes and colors. Our technicians also understood the Sultanabad manufacturing process that has been taking place in Arak, Iran since the 19th century. Automatically, this gives us a clear advantage in front of our competitors, as we can trace back the weaving techniques and the fabrics used for the rugs we are asked to clean. This lets us easily assess and tackle any Persian rug cleaning job we are hired to do with a minimum risk of damage. 

We are IICRC-certified. 

All the carpet cleaners we work with have obtained their IICRC certifications. This means they went through all the necessary theoretical and practical Persian rug cleaning classes and passed all tests. They are experts in cleaning, repairing, and restoring all types of Persian rugs, no matter their origins. Given the complex designs in these rugs compared to other Oriental rugs and the fact that they are exclusively manufactured with wool dyed with natural dyes obtained from insects or plants, their cleaning and maintenance can be a hassle. Our technicians are here to lend you the hand you need, right when you need it.  

We have 25 years of experience.

We have been serving the carpet cleaning needs of the people of New York for more than two decades and a half. This has allowed us to accumulate sufficient hands-on experience to effectively handle any cleaning job for fragile, handmade rugs with the exact care they deserve. 

Our technicians work with custom-made cleaning solutions that can fit any rug model. We never initiate the cleaning process without a thorough evaluation of the current state of the rug and any visible stains and structural damage that might require additional repair or complex restoration. 

Our Persian Rug Cleaning Process

Beating & Vacuuming

Given the fact that wool fibers are all-natural air filters that attract a lot of the dampness naturally found in the air along with dirt and bacteria, Persian rugs made entirely of wool also usually have several layers of embedded dust in their foundation. Over time, if left untreated, the problem can lead to a hardened foundation and a brittle-looking rug. The abrasion in the tiny particles of debris can also easily cause small cuts in strands made of wool and cotton. 

The Area Rug Cleaning NYC team uses dedicated rug beating machines with 15,000+ vibrations per minute that can extract large amounts of dirt before the washing is initiated. What many rug owners do not know is that as much as one-third of their Persian rugs’ weight may be represented by all the dirt and moisture locked into the fibers. 

Spot and Stain Removal 

The beating and vacuuming steps are repeated as necessary until our technicians decide it is time to start removing any old staining or unsightly spots. This is done with the help of green, non-toxic cleaners with zero allergens that are safe to use around children, pets, and plants. Whether your rugs are covered in old coffee, wine, or food stains or you need to get rid of pet residue traces, our experts will use the best stain removal techniques to obtain the desired results. 

Shampooing & Washing

We rely on expert cleaning detergents, spray, and dirt dissolving agents that prevent color-running problems while keeping the natural oils inside the natural fibers of the rugs. We only work with specialized shampoos that are suitable for use on wool and similarly sensitive fabrics. 

Persian Rug Repairs and Restorations 

Once the washing is completed, we proceed to check for any structural damage that might require our attention. This could include anything from checking if all the pile strands are clipped correctly, whether the fringes need repairs or replacement if some parts of the rug require reweaving, or anything else. 

We are here to bring back the lost luster in your old rigs and help them look and feel brand new once more. We can do that at a fraction of the cost of buying new rugs. 

Competitive Persian Carpet Cleaning Service Prices 

Our company offers free, transparent, and comprehensive price quotes for all oriental area rug cleaning services including Persian rugs. We guarantee the most convenient rug cleaning prices in the area. 

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