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Luxury brings life – bring it back with our Persian rug cleaning services!


Looking for an experienced Persian rug cleaner in the New York area? Contact us at (347) 974-7276 now and discover why we’re the premier Persian rug cleaning professionals in the region. Our team is fully equipped to expertly clean and restore Bidjar, Kerman, Sultanabad, and other types of Persian rugs. Plus, you’ll get a free quote delivered straight to your inbox!

Our Company Provides Cleaning Services for Persian Rugspersian rug laying in a living room on the floor

  • Persian rug cleaning with eco-friendly, green seal products
  • advanced colorfast testing
  • Repairs for Persian rugs
  • Persian rug restoration
  • stain removal solutions for Persian rugs 
  • Persian rug maintenance

Why Should You Choose Us to Clean Your Persian Rug in New York City?


When it comes to Persian rugs, we’re experts.

We are well-versed in the intricate procedure that goes into making Persian rugs. These vintage rugs can be seen in many New York City apartments and stores, and our professionals know every in and out of the weaving methods that went into their creation. For instance, we are well-versed in the fascinating intricacies of Bidjar rug weaving, which necessitates the addition of supplementary water by the Kurdish people of Iran’s northwestern region. We’re also well-versed in the natural dyes used in Kerman rugs to create their distinctive floral designs. As Sultanabad production began in Arak, Iran in the 19th century, our technicians were also familiar with this method of production. The ability to track down the original weaving methods and fabrics used in the rugs we are hired to clean gives us an immediate leg up on the competition. Because of this, we are able to quickly evaluate and undertake any Persian rug cleaning service with minimal danger of harm.

We have earned certification from the IICRC.

Every single rug cleaner we employ is IICRC-trained and -certified. It also signifies they’ve taken and passed all the required Persian rug cleaning lessons and exams. They are well-versed in the care, maintenance, and restoration of all varieties of Persian rugs. These rugs are made completely with wool colored with natural dyes acquired from insects or plants, making cleaning and maintenance more of a chore than with other types of Oriental rugs due to the intricate patterns and colors used. If you ever find yourself in need of assistance, our professionals will be here to help.

After 25 years, we know what we’re doing.

For over twenty-five years, we have met the rug cleaning demands of New Yorkers. Because of this, we’ve amassed the kind of in-depth practical knowledge that equips us to competently complete any cleaning task involving delicate, handmade rugs with the exact care they need.

Our specialists employ individualized approaches to cleaning based on the specifics of each rug type. Before we start cleaning, we always take a close look at the rug to see if there are any obvious stains or structural damage that will need to be repaired or restored in a more extensive manner.

Beaten and vacuumed: how we clean Persian rugs

Persian rugs made completely of wool typically have multiple layers of imbedded dust in their base because wool fibers are natural air filters that capture a lot of the moisture naturally contained in the air along with dirt and bacteria. If the issue isn’t addressed, the rug’s base will harden and the rug will appear brittle over time. Wool and cotton strands are especially vulnerable to the abrasion that can be caused by the microscopic debris particles.

Before beginning the cleaning process, the Area Rug Cleaning NYC staff employs specialized rug beating machines that generate 15,000 or more vibrations per minute to extract as much dirt as possible. Many rug owners are unaware that the dirt and moisture trapped in their rugs can account for as much as one-third of the total weight of their Persian rugs.

Elimination of Discolorations and Smudges

Our specialists will continue to beat the rug and vacuum it until they determine it is time to begin removing any stains or ugly patches. To do this, we utilize green cleansers that are suitable for use around children, pets, and plants since they are non-toxic and contain no allergens. Our professionals will utilize the most effective methods for removing stains from your rugs, whether they are stained with old coffee, wine, or food spills or remnants of pet residue.

Washing and Shampooing

To avoid color-running and preserve the rug’s natural oils, we only use professional-grade detergents, sprays, and dirt-dissolving agents for cleaning. We only use shampoos designed for delicate materials like wool and silk.

Preservation & Repair of Persian Rugs

When the cleaning is done, we look for any structural damage that may have occurred during the process. You may do this by inspecting the rug for any number of things, such as whether or not the fringes need mending or replacing, whether or not the pile strands are all clipped properly, or whether or not the rug itself needs reweaving.

We’re here to assist your aging vehicles regain their luster and shine, making them appear and perform like new again. If you want to save money on new rugs, we can accomplish that for you.

Affordable Rates for Professional Persian Rug Cleaning

Our organization provides no-obligation, detailed pricing estimates for cleaning all types of oriental rugs, including Persian rugs, at no cost to the customer. We promise to provide you with the most affordable rug cleaning rates in your region.

Contact us immediately (347) 974-7276 and we will promptly arrange for your Persian rug to be cleaned.