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Needlepoint Rug Cleaning NY

Like other precious oriental area rugs, needlepoint rugs can successfully brighten any room and add to any decor thanks to their pleasant design and delicate structure. Unfortunately, these rugs are also more difficult to maintain and clean, especially when it comes to accidental spills and staining. Our expert needlepoint rug cleaners are here to cater to these exact needs with top customer care, flawless techniques, and affordable prices. 

Get in touch with us right now and let us help you no matter if you need assistance with a store-bought rug or a hand-woven rug with natural wool, silk, wool, or acrylic. Given the complexity of the fibers in these rugs, they require different cleaning methods. This makes expert rig cleaning services mandatory for proper care. 

Our Needlepoint Rug Cleaning Process

We have developed a high-efficiency cleaning process that allows us to tackle the entire array of problems that can arise in relation to these rugs:

Initial assessment. Our technicians take their time when thoroughly inspecting the state of the rugs. They identify all, if any, areas that might have suffered structural damage by external factors or regular wear. Stained areas require special cleaning procedures, which is why all discoveries must be recorded and written down in detail during the inspection.

Vacuuming both sides. The next step of our cleaning methodology is the use of dedicated vacuuming gear on the front and back of the rugs. The procedure is repeated until necessary and no visible traces of dust, debris, dirt, pet hair, and residue. This step can take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of the needlepoint rug and the complexity of the problem.

Performing a dye run test. Our technicians also perform dye run or fastness tests to establish whether the washing step may trigger any dye to run and transfer. This will help them make all the necessary changes in the original cleaning routine agreed upon.

Rug washing. This step can be represented by a number of different techniques, with soaking as a popular choice. The amount of time that a needlepoint rug requires soaking for depends on the state and severity of the stains discovered during the inspection. A rug that has been exposed to smoke or pet waste will usually require several hours of soaking for good results. 

The rinsing. During this step of the process, our needlepoint rug cleaners in NY will rinse the rug several times using fresh water and proceed to hang it on a beam in a room with controlled temperature and circulating fans for fast and effective drying.

Manual grooming. This is the last step of our cleaning methodology and it is executed through detailed brushing.

Given the fact that these rugs are manufactured manually with the help of sewing needles and stitches made of rug fiber on open-grig cotton canvases, their maintenance is even more important. The beautiful patterns on these rugs are painted on the respective canvas by experienced artisans with the help of dyed yarns. The artisans cover the entire canvas with stitches closely following the details of their painted pattern. Some of the sturdiest needlepoint carpets have millions of stitches. For example, a 9’ x 12’ rug can easily count 1.5 million stitches, responsible for making the rug extremely durable over the years. 

IICRC-Certified, Eco-Friendly Products

Our IICRC-certified rug cleaners specialize in complex cleaning techniques for needlepoint rugs, along with stain removal solutions delivered with the help of eco-friendly products that are safe to use around children. All our products carry the green seal and they are entirely safe to use around children, pets, and plants, while also being protective of the environment.  

Needlepoint Rug Repair and Restoration Company in New York 

We also provide advanced repair and restoration solutions for a variety of structural problems or simple tears and wear-out issues in needlepoint rugs. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and describe your problem to us. Our friendly customer support representatives will be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns and explain to you the procedures we can complete for your prized rugs. 

Needlepoint Rug Maintenance Advice 

While professional cleaning should be left in the hands of expert cleaners, we strongly advise you to use a series of preventative and rug care measures as often as possible. They should help expand the life of your rugs, save you from unwanted expenses on extensive repair and help preserve the cleanliness of your rigs after each scheduled deep cleaning. 

Here is what our area rug cleaners recommend for needlepoint rugs: 

  • Use dry towels to blot any fresh spill to remove as much of the liquid as you can 
  • After the blotting, let the rug dry off naturally
  • Vacuum the rug several times a week, even if it is not showing signs of surface dirt or accumulated debris 
  • Carefully choose the location for these rugs. Make sure they are placed in areas with little to no foot traffic, if possible, especially if you live in a household with small children and pets that go in and out all day long. 

As the number one area rug cleaner in NY with 25+ years of experience, we can execute any cleaning and repair job with the utmost attention to detail and efficiency. We offer free price quotes by phone or via our online form. Take advantage of our affordable needlepoint rug cleaning prices and bring back the lost charm in your precious rugs.

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