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Professional Moroccan Rug Cleaning Services For Home Or Office


Moroccan rugs are another type of oriental rugs with an impressively rich and interesting history. Also woven by hand like many other models of rugs, they have origins that trace them back in the Northeastern part of Africa, in Morocco. Accordingly, they have been a national product of the country for centuries, while gradually winning over the hearts of homeowners in different parts of the world. New Yorkers also appreciate these rugs in particular. Many of them have chosen Moroccan rugs to decorate their floors. If you count among them and you are seeking a reliable cleaning service for deep cleaning, stain removal, or restoration solutions, give us a call. 

Why Choose Our Moroccan Rug Cleaners in New York?Morrocan rug laying on the floor in a modern living room

In New York City, no one cleans rugs better than us. More than 25 years in the industry means you can trust our expertise and know that you’ll be happy with the results. Only rug specialists who have earned credentials from the non-profit Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification are acceptable for use on our clients’ rugs. This ensures that you will receive first-rate services that are in line with current industry standards, and that you will be provided with the most efficient cleaning methods and supplies available. With the exception of a few ancient carpets that are typically family heirlooms, most of the Moroccan rugs we are hired to clean and repair today were made around 1960. With regards to hand-weaving, manufacturing, and color-dyeing, our experts are well-versed in all of these processes. This ensures that they are always prepared for any situation that may arise when cleaning, restoring, or repairing the front and rear regions.

Our Rug Cleaning Services Include

  • rug assessment and through inspections
  • rug dusting
  • rug vacuuming
  • advanced cleaning solutions 
  • cleaning services for flat and thick weaving rugs
  • rug repair and restoration 
  • stain removal 

Rug Inspection 

After doing a thorough front-to-back examination, our experts can tell you whether or not your rugs are authentic, whether or not they were woven by hand, and whether or not they were colored using natural plant-based dyes. In exchange, they’ll be able to choose the most appropriate cleaning approach and prevent any unwelcome color run incidents.

Rugs with thick, shaggy wool piles with basic designs in ivory, shades of white, and brownish are typical in New York City apartments, as are rugs with a cotton basis and huge braids at the edges. Some carpets are more demanding to wash than others because of the intricate patterns and bright colors they include. The Berbers of Morocco create the stunning flat weave known as a tissage de mer by combining a number of different, centuries-old methods. Knim, brocade, and soumak are among the listed textiles. These carpets’ yarns are comprised of cotton, rawon, and wool, and they include wool piles or tufts of sequins. Most flat weave patterns in Morocco have many stripes.

Dusting and Vacuuming

Rug badgers are used to complete this process by gently beating the rug’s back. This makes it easier to vacuum the rug by removing the dried soil and particles first. We never use vacuum cleaners with revolving bristle brushes since they can cause irreparable harm to rugs. In its place, vacuums fitted with stationary soft brush edges are used to massage the pile. The process is complete after you flip the rug over and vacuum the underside.

Moroccan Rug Washing 

Sometimes cleaning is the only way to get rid of the dirt and stains that have been firmly buried in a Moroccan area rug, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might ruin it forever. For this reason, it’s best to have expert Moroccan rug cleaners maintain your carpets on a regular basis. We suggest allocating at least 12-18 months to the procedure.

In order to protect the wool’s delicate fibers, our professionals only use specialty carpet cleaning agents and shampoos. We also perform thorough color fastness testing on an unnoticeable section of the rug before we begin cleaning any spots or spills that may be more localized. Because of the risk of shrinking and structural damage, Moroccan carpets are never washed in washers or dried in dryers.

This is how we typically wash clothes at our facility:
The rug is submerged in clean water in a wash pit.
With a rug roller, we squeegee the moisture out.
We use an environmentally safe, non-toxic rug shampoo.
All fringes are hand-washed and inspected for quality before being put back into use.
For the sake of avoiding any unintended color transfer and accelerating the rug’s drying time, we use a claw to extract the surplus water and moisture.
After a night of drying, we double-check the rug for any remaining stains.

Professional Moroccan Rug Repair and Restoration Solutions 

In the event that fringes or yarn is damaged or lost, we employ tried-and-true techniques for rug restoration and specialized color correction. We put the pile in the right place and use whatever other restoration methods we deem necessary.. 

NY’s Finest Moroccan Rug Cleaning Services, at Juno-Like Rates

Please contact us immediately so that we may tell you more about what we do and how we might be able to help your priceless Moroccan rugs. Our customer service representatives are happy to provide free, no-obligation price quotes for rig cleaning and rug restoration, as well as answer any questions you may have. We provide the most competitive prices in New York, whether you only need some old stains removed from your carpets or would want to have the missing fringes expertly replaced.

If you already have carpets but they’ve lost their luster and usefulness, there’s no reason to shell out hundreds of dollars for brand new ones or have them brought in from overseas when you can easily restore them.

Call us at (347) 974-7276 or contact us here and we’ll show you why we’re the preferred carpet and rug cleaning in the region.