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Moroccan rugs are another type of oriental rugs with an impressively rich and interesting history. Also woven by hand like many other models of rugs, they have origins that trace them back in the Northeastern part of Africa, in Morocco. Accordingly, they have been a national product of the country for centuries, while gradually winning over the hearts of homeowners in different parts of the world. New Yorkers also appreciate these rugs in particular. Many of them have chosen Moroccan rugs to decorate their floors. If you count among them and you are seeking a reliable cleaning service for deep cleaning, stain removal, or restoration solutions, give us a call. 

Why Choose Our Moroccan Rug Cleaners in New York?

We are the number one area rug cleaner in NY. We have more than two and a half decades of experience up our sleeve and we guarantee your satisfaction with all our services. We only work with area rug cleaners who have obtained certificates from the prestigious Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, a non-profit body that certifies the cleaning and restoration industry. This guarantees top services aligned with the best practices currently available in the industry, as well as the safest cleaning methodology and products on the market Most of the Moroccan rugs we are hired to clean and restore today have been manufactured after 1960, with some antique rug exceptions, usually as part of family heirlooms. Our specialists are familiar with all types of hand-weaving, manufacturing, and color dyeing connected to these rugs. This means nothing can take them by surprise when it comes to cleaning stains, restoring or repairing front and back areas, or removing stains.

What Can Our Moroccan Rug Cleaning Services Offer?

  • rug assessment and through inspections
  • rug dusting
  • rug vacuuming
  • advanced cleaning solutions 
  • cleaning services for flat and thick weaving rugs
  • rug repair and restoration 
  • stain removal 

Rug Inspection 

At the end of an extensive front to back rug inspection, our technicians will determine if your rugs are original and if they have been woven by hand and dyed with natural plant-based dyes. In return, this information will help them avoid unwanted color run accidents during the cleaning, while helping them decide upon the most suitable method to use. 

Rugs with a cotton foundation with large braids at the edges are common in New York homes, together with rugs with thick, shaggy wool piles with simple designs dyed in ivory, shades of white, and brownish. Some rugs have more complex designs and more vivid colors on them, making their washing more sensitive. The beautiful Moroccan flat weave is done by the Berbers in Morocco by mixing several antique weaving techniques. The list features klim, brocade, and soumak. These rugs have wool piles or tufts of sequins, while their yarns are made of cotton, rawon, and wool. The Moroccan flat weave design usually has several stripes.

Dusting and Vacuuming

This step is completed with rug badgers with gentle beats on the back of the rug. This helps remove the dry debris and dirt soil easily, preparing the rug for the vacuuming step. Our technicians never use vacuums with rotating bristle brushes, as these could trigger severe damage to the rug. Instead, they use vacuums with stationary soft brush edges to  massage the pile. The procedure is completed by flipping the rug over to also vacuum the back.

Moroccan Rug Washing 

While washing is sometimes the only solution that can efficiently remove deeply embedded dirt and stains from a Moroccan area rug, using the wrong technique could also result in sometimes irreversible damage. This is why it is important to have your rugs periodically cleaned by professional Moroccan rug cleaners. We recommend the process at least 12 to 18 months. 

Our technicians rely on dedicated carpet cleaning products and shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals which may destroy the fibers in the wool. We also tackle spot cleaning for smaller stains, but not before running extensive color fastness testing on an inconspicuous rug area. We never wash Moroccan rugs in washers or put them in the dryer to prevent shrinkage and structural damage. 

  • Our standard washing method is as follows:
  • We immerse the rug into a wash pit filled with fresh water.
  • We squeege the water using a rug roller. 
  • We apply non-toxic, eco-friendly area rug shampoo. 
  • We manually wash and detail any fringes. 
  • We remove excess water and moisture with a claw to prevent any unwanted color bleeding and allow the rug to dry faster.
  • We leave the rug to dry overnight and inspect it once again for any traces of stains that might have been left behind.

Professional Moroccan Rug Repair and Restoration Solutions 

When necessary, we use dedicated color repair and rug restoration methods that have been previously tested by our specialists to replace missing or broken fringes and yarn. We position the pile correctly and apply any other restoration procedure that we might find suitable. 

Unbeatable Moroccan Rug Cleaning Prices in NY 

Get in touch with us today and allow us to provide you with more information about our line of work and what we could do for your precious Moroccan rugs. Our friendly customer support crew is ready to answer all your curiosities and questions while providing you with free, zero-obligation rig cleaning or rug restoration price estimates. Whether you only need to get rid of some old stains in your rugs or you would like to replace the missing fringes in a seamless manner, we can do the job at the most affordable rates in New York. 

Why spend hundreds of dollars or more on buying new rigs or having them shipped from overseas when you could bring back the lost charm and functionality in your current carpets?

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