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If you are looking to restore the lost luster and beauty in your precious Karastan rugs or you would like to expand the lifespan of an inherited Karastan rug for as long as possible, get in touch with us. We know the history of these rugs inside out, along with all the details of their interesting craftsmanship. We can assess, clean, repair, restore, remove stains and help you maintain your rugs in pristine shape for many more years to come.  

Call now or drop us a line and we would be more than happy to tell you exactly what we can do for you!

Why Do You Need Expert Karastan Rug Cleaning Solutions?

Karastan rugs are some of the precious fine area rugs owned by many New Yorkers. Just like the majority of specialty rugs, Karastan carpets require dedicated, sensitive, and fully customized cleaning procedures to minimize the risk of damage. Our IICRC-certified technicians mostly rely on handwashing methods and eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products suitable for Karastan rugs that appear dirty or which are covered in set-in stains. We strongly advise against In-home cleaning practices as they could wreak immediate havoc on your rugs. However, we do suggest you take immediate action if dealing with an accidental spill. This should help lessen the staining and ease the job of expert stain removal technicians.

At the same time, we also advise you to stay away from surface cleaning techniques on these rugs. This is because surface cleaning cannot effectively remove all the soil trapped inside the foundation. At times, low moisture surface cleaning procedures may be useful, especially in the case of tufted Karastan rugs with failing latex. The same goes for rugs whose overall integrity has been severely compromised to the point that using other cleaning alternatives might completely damage the rug.

Despite their apparent fragility due to the delicate, natural, 100% wool fibers they are made of, these rugs are actually popular for their impressive sturdiness and durability in time. As long as the correct cleaning and maintenance techniques are applied, you could enjoy your Karastan rugs for many more years and prolong their heirloom in the family. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Karastan Rugs?

These rugs should be cleaned once every 12 to 18 months, depending on foot traffic, spilling and staining, heavy use, and other specific conditions. If you are not sure if your rugs need professional care, get in touch with us and let us assess your carpeting for you on the spot. We can tackle both broadloom and wool area rugs and we can clean the entire surface of the rugs. We never skip the foundation, face fibers, foundation, fringes, and selvage. Some Karastan rug cleaners may limit their work to the top side. This is not the case with us. We understand that gravity, foot traffic, dirt, dust, pesticides, and pollen will usually penetrate the foundation on a daily basis, triggering different levels of damage. 

We are here to provide you with the entire array of available rug cleaning methods, including rotary shampoo m wager submersion, dusting dry soil removal, fringe cleaning, and the use of absorbent pad cleaning, along with advanced, green seal stain removal products. 

Type of Karastan Rugs We Service

Our expert Karastan rug cleaners can tackle all types of rugs, ranging from premier rugs made of New Zealand wool and carpets made of nylon and other synthetic materials. We are prepared to assist you with cleaning services for both tufted and woven models. Tufted Karastan rugs come with special sheets glued to the back, which means their patterns are only visible from the front. Woven models, on the other hand, have their yarn patterns on display on both the front and the back. Usually, woven rugs are manufactured with the help of automated mechanical looms, while tufted rugs are created by transferring the pattern onto a foundation that resembles large paint-by-numbers sheets. Each sheet has its own individual yarn colors and placement that have been inserted into the pattern. The final steps of the procedure require workers to hang the patterned on large poles and start punching the dyed yarns, making sure they perfectly match the desired pattern, then proceed to spread the latex on the backing and finally glue on the secondary backing once the pattern is completely filled in. To end the procedure, the top yarns are sheared to the exact pattern and height they should be sheared, depending on the rug’s model.

Repair and Restoration Services for Karastan Rugs in NY

We can mend an accidentally damaged Karastan rug using our specialized rug repair and rug restoration solutions. Constantly driven by customer satisfaction, we are here ready to assist you with re-fringing solutions, moth treatment, holes and pest damage repairs, or damaged foundation and advanced structural problems.

Give us a call and get your free, zero-obligation price estimate for any of the Karastan rug cleaning services you might want to hire us to do. You will pay a small fraction of the actual cost of replacing your Karastan rugs or shipping them overseas for expanded cleaning and restoration.