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Area Rug Cleaning NYC has over two and a half decades of experience cleaning all types and models of jute rugs. Whether you are looking for advanced dry cleaning methods, spot and stain treatments, expert solutions for broken bindings and tassels, or something else, give us a call Today (347) 974-7276

We offer seamless restoration work and professional cleaning for hand-woven jute rugs at the most competitive prices in the NYC area. Get in touch with our friendly customer support crew and let us schedule ajute rug under the kitchen table on a wood floor cleaning job for you or keep reading to learn more about our flawless work with guaranteed results.

Jute Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

As IICRC-certified carpet and area rug cleaners, we specialize in using the safest, most advanced cleaning tools and repair solutions for jute rugs.

Here are the most common services we are usually hired to do:

  • Jute rug inspections
  • Professional vacuuming
  • Stain and spot treatments
  • Odor removal
  • Dry cleaning using powder, spray, and fabric cleaners
  • Moisture extraction
  • Snagged edge repairs
  • Frayed tassel fixing

Types of Jute Rug We Work With

  • Flat weave jute rugs
  • Jute ticking rugs
  • Soumak rugs
  • Wool/jute woven blend rugs
  • Knotted jute rugs

Complete Jute Rug Cleaning Services at Good Prices

While jute rugs are not very hard to clean and maintain, they do require special attention because of the potentially harmful effect of water-based products on their fibers and integrity.

In order to preserve their biodegradable properties and their enhanced sturdiness over the years, jute rugs must be cleaned with the help of proper vacuuming and stain removal equipment and cleaning products that do not contain or require the use of large amounts of water.

Our complete cleaning methodology relies on entirely safe dry cleaning methods and products. The list includes dry cleaning powders, sprays, and fabric cleaners that can be used on jute rugs.

Here is a brief description of our advanced jute rug cleaning methodology that we have developed over the years:

Jute Rug Inspection

Every rug cleaning job is initiated with a careful inspection of the floor covering on both sides. Jute rugs make no exception. During the procedure, our technicians carefully look for surface dirt and embedded traces of dust, debris, pollen, and mold, along with food and liquid stains.

Depending on the state of the stains and their age, the fabrics that the rug is made from, and the weaving and dyeing methods used to craft the rug, our cleaners will decide what is the best plan of action.

No matter if we are faced with a simple cleaning job or a more complex job, we always use safe, risk-free cleaning methods that guarantee seamless work and low risk of damage.

Professional Vacuuming

Prior to applying any dry cleaning products on a jute rug, our technicians first vacuum both sides of the rug. This is necessary to get rid of all traces of dirt and debris. The vacuuming is normally done without the beater bar that can pull on the fibers and damage them.

The level of suction on the vacuum and the direction in which the vacuuming is done are also important steps of the process. Our technicians know which angles to use, how many times to cross the vacuum over the rug’s surface, how to protect the bindings that are more sensitive to breaking during the vacuuming and other similar details.

We also usually rely on soft brushes and nozzle attachments to ensure better protection for the edges and prevent the bindings from breaking.

Testing on Inconspicuous Surfaces

Prior to choosing the most suitable cleaning products and applying them on a jute rug, we first apply the products to a small and hidden surface on the rugs. This is usually the area underneath the rug or a corner of the rug. We also closely follow the detailed cleaning, stain removal, and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturers.

Dry Cleaning

This is the safest method to clean a jute rug manufactured with natural fibers from the jute tree. Our technicians can use it to efficiently clean and remove stains, spots, and bad odors from all types of braided and woven rugs. This is done with green dry cleaning powders, special cleaning sprays, and fabric cleaners that are suitable for all types of area rugs including jute models.

Sprays and cleaning powders are applied directly onto both sides of the rug and left to sit for anywhere between five minutes and several hours to act. The powder is vacuumed and the procedure is repeated if deemed necessary.

Jute Rug Repair and Restoration Services in NYC

To fix the broken edges and replace damaged binding on a jute rug, our experts use a series of advanced restoration techniques that require attention to detail, special tools, and a lot of know-how.

Our jute rug repair and restoration services can fix area rugs that have been subject to improper vacuuming procedures or water-based cleaning that has affected their structural integrity. We tackle anything from snagged edge problems, damaged binding issues, small or big openings in the rugs caused by pets or improper care, frayed tassels, and anything in between.

We can help you save money on buying new rugs by providing you with quality, seamless work. Rest assured your old, stained, damaged jute rugs are going to look and feel brand new once our IICRC-certified restoration technicians will finish working on them.

Call today and let our friendly staff answer all your questions and concerns about your jute rugs. We charge the most affordable prices in the area and we are determined to prove to you why we are the best area rug cleaner in NYC! (347) 974-7276


Are jute rugs easy to clean?

Jute rugs are relatively easy to clean using special dry cleaning techniques and vacuuming. However, given their increased sensitivity to water, difficult stains and large amounts of dirt should be tackled by professional jute rug cleaners to prevent potential damage in the long run.

Can jute rugs be cleaned with a vacuum?

Yes. It is recommended to clean and maintain jute rugs clean with the help of a vacuum once or twice a week.

Do jute rugs shrink when they are washed with water?

Usually, jute rugs tend to shrink in size when cleaned with water or when subject to high levels of humidity in the air.

Do regular area rug cleaners work on jute rugs?

Normally, jute rugs require special cleaning products that do not contain water or that require the use of water. While some fabric cleaners may work effectively on these rugs, dry-cleaning powders, and sprays are normally the best options.

Is baking soda good for cleaning jute rugs?

Usually, baking soda is part of the ingredients in many powder-based dry cleaning products used on jute rugs. Therefore, it is safe to use at home  to eliminate bad odors and stains on these rugs.

Can jute rugs be cleaned with steam cleaners?

Steam cleaners cannot be safely used on jute rugs because of the high risk of damage that could result when applying the steam to the fibers.