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With Greek origins and rich history behind them, flokati rugs are woven wool rugs with a shaggy appearance. They are soft and thick and can be manufactured with synthetic materials or natural wool. When made from fine, natural wool, they are more sturdy and valuable for owners. While they can be found in many different colors, the most common are whites and creams. Flokati rugs always add an extra sense of elegance and coziness to any room. No matter what size, color, or type of Flokati rug you may own, we are here to provide you with professional Flokati rug cleaning services in the New York area. As the number one area rug cleaner in the city, we can assist you with the entire array of cleaning, maintenance, repair, stain removal, and restoration needs you might have.  

What Can Our Flokati Rug Cleaners Do For You?

Our process starts with a detailed inspection of the rug and its current condition. Our technicians will take the opportunity to look for any signs of staining, structural damage, or small flaws that may require special repair and restoration solutions. The cleaning is initiated with the brushing of the carpet and its vacuuming with premier equipment, using the suction-only feature. We never use the beater bar or the revolving brush to prevent causing any damage to the wool. Next, our cleaners proceed to apply mild shampoo and cleaning agents to the rug and brush it to get rid of tiny traces of debris and dust particles trapped in and left behind during vacuuming. This step is completed while limiting the amount of water applied to the rug as much as possible. The cleaning is followed by the professional rig drying step. This is done in dedicated drying rooms in a temperature-controlled environment.

At times, we may also need to rely on the pressurized air flow technique to get rid of dirt and dust inside the rug. Smaller Flokati rugs are sometimes compatible with the machine washing cleaning method. If this is the case with your rug, our technicians will use mild detergents with zero bleaching agents in them, then add extra toxin-free products to soften the rug’s fibers and restore its original fluffiness.

Flokati Rugs Repair & Restoration in NY 

We can not only help you thoroughly clean your rugs and remove any unsightly stains or bad odors from them, but we can also assist you with their repair and restorations. No matter how small or complex, simple or complicated, we tackle restoration work on all types of Flokati rugs with the same care and consideration. 

We can fix small holes and tears in your rug and other types of structural damage that may help expand the rug’s lifespan and save you money on replacement rugs.

Things to Keep in Mind About Flokati Rug Cleaning 

While our professional Flokati rug cleaning services can do an excellent job at restoring the lost beauty, luster, and charm in your beloved rugs, care and maintenance are essential for long-term results. To make sure you will preserve the beauty of your rugs for as long as possible, you should make sure to periodically rotate them. Ideally, a Flokati rug should be rotated once every few days to even out the wear. Also, make a habit out of vacuuming the rug at least twice a week, preferably only in suction mode. Try to avoid using the rotating brush to stop any unwanted damage to the rug. Also, steer clear of any dry cleaning products or cleaning agents that contain bleach.

How to Tackle Spots on Flokati Rugs

If you are dealing with fresh red wine spills, pet or moth residue, or food spills on your rugs, the best approach is to immediately proceed to clean the spots. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to get the stain out. To do this, remove the excess water and any waste from the rug, then use a clean cloth (preferably white) and blot most of the stains. 

Remember to use blotting movements and avoid rubbing, or you will risk expanding the stain and causing it to reach deep in the foundation. In case you also need to use soap, make sure it is a mild detergent that is suitable for use on wool. Keep in mind never to use any hot water on the rug to prevent it from shrinking.

When you notice the white cloth has stopped pulling up the stain, use clean water to remove the excess soap residue. Finally, let the spot dry off naturally. If you are dealing with stains that are more stubborn, older, or more difficult to get rid of using regular household cleaning products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We use the most efficient, reliable, fast-acting, and non-toxic 

Affordable Flokati Rug Cleaning Prices NY 

A 9 ft. by 12 ft. Flokati rug costs around $1,000, while a smaller 7 ft. by 10 ft. rug is sold for $650 on average. Vintage or antique rugs, needless to say, cost more and they are more difficult to come across. Whether you own a more or less expensive rug or you are the proud owner of a century-old Flokati rug that has been in the family for many generations, give us a call. Get your free price estimate on all of our cleaning, repair, restoration, and spot removal services. Take advantage of our convenient and unbeatable prices compared to other Flokati rug cleaning companies in New York. We can restore your rugs and make them look fresh at a fraction of the cost of replacing your rugs, 

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