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Professional Antique and Chinese Art Deco Rug Cleaning Services for Your Residential And Commercial Needs

Make sure your antique and Chinese Art Deco rugs look their best with our specialist rug cleaning services. Our expert staff are experienced and trained to handle these delicate pieces of art work, ensuring they remain in good condition while giving them a deep clean.

Choose the Right Cleaning Service

When it comes to antique and Chinese Art Deco rugs, you need a specialized cleaning service to do the job right. Look for a company that has experience working with these types of rugs, as well as the proper equipment, so that your pieces are cleaned gently but thoroughly. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and mild detergents to eliminate dirt, dust and stains without compromising the color or texture of your rugs.

It is important to check that the company you choose has trained staff and experience in handling delicate fabrics like jute, wool, Afghan and Persian rugs. Our experts use specialized tools to gently but thoroughly remove dirt, dust and stains without causing any damage. We also provide preventive treatment options such as anti-allergen treatments and protection sprays to help keep your rugs looking good for longer. In addition, ask about other services such as deodorizing and mothproofing to protect your rug from future damage or discoloration

For expert rug cleaning, repair, and restoration services, please contact us if you possess one of these pieces. Cleaning Chinese Art Deco rugs is a specialty of the NYC staff at Area Rug Cleaning, which has years of expertise in the field. We provide a comprehensive selection of services to restore your worn or stained carpets to their former glory.

A Little About Art Deco Rugsantique art deco rug from 1900

Rugs with a Chinese Art Deco design date back to Shanghai’s unique golden period of the 1920s, which is remembered fondly for its contributions to art and culture and is reflected in the city’s signature style. The use of vivid colors, solid materials and textiles like rosewood and marble, and good, clear lines make this style instantly recognizable and ensure its continued presence in our lives. Rugs made in the Chinese Art Deco style share the same captivating patterns, bright colors, and unusual geometric motifs as their European counterparts. 

Why Choose Us?

Where appropriate, we clean area rugs by hand or with steam to minimize the impact on the environment. Green sea products are used for stain removal and shampooing, and we never begin washing without first doing a complete colorfastness test.

The respected IICRC has awarded us with the relevant certificates. Our service technicians are certified and insured, and they regularly attend refresher courses to learn about new developments and products in their field.

We can provide you with the entire range of cleaning and maintenance solutions for your rugs, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Rug inspection 
  • Colorfastness tests 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Rug beating 
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Fringe restoration and repair
  • Structural damage repairs 

How Our Chinese Art Deco Rug Cleaning Process Works

Steam washing and machine beating are great solutions for most area rugs, but the unique characteristics of Chinese Art Deco rugs limit our specialists from utilizing them on particular pieces. There are, however, several accessible cleaning strategies. To get rid of dirt and dust deep inside the fibers, you might utilize a mild compressed air approach. Our cleaners may use this method to get deep into the fabric and remove any hidden mildew that the human eye can’t detect.

We may also clean the face of a Chinese Art Deco rug by hand, removing stubborn dirt, stains, spots, and smells. For optimal results, we also use high-tech, heavy-duty rollers on both the rug’s face and its back. When we’re done cleaning and removing all the stains from your lovely carpets, you should be able to rediscover the rug’s original radiance, vibrant colors, and stunning patterns that initially swayed you to purchase it. The good news is that our services will only cost you a modest percentage of your rug’s final selling price. Most authentic or antique Chinese Art Deco carpets are incredibly expensive, therefore any option that helps you avoid having to constantly buy new rugs is highly recommended.

Stain Removal Services for Chinese Art Deco Rugs 

Whether you are confronted with liquid or solid spills, stains, and spots, old or new, from food, beverages, cleaning products, paints, or pet waste, we are here to assist you. We only work with products that do not contain any toxic or harmful substances that could trigger allergies and other health issues. Our spot removal solutions carry the green seal and are entirely safe to use in households or buildings with small children and pets. We guarantee that all the stain removal products that we work with will accurately preserve the original color dyes in your rugs and not cause any accidental color runs. 

While we cannot offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our spot and stain removal solutions given the complexity of stains in general and the particularities of these rugs, we promise to always do our best to generate the desired results. Please bear in mind that there are certain substances such as paint or bleach that might cause irreversible discoloration in a rug. There are also extra factors that will affect the efficiency of our cleaning procedures, including the age of the rug and the fabrics it is made of. 

Chinese Art Deco Rug Restoration Solutions in NY

We also offer professional hand-woven rug restoration and repair services in New York at affordable rates. Our technicians are ready to fix any small tear, hole, edge wear, or worn spot on your rugs and prolong their lifespan while postponing any major repairs by a few years. 

We can also tackle major re-weaving or restoration work when necessary or wrap the sides and restore antique rugs worth tens of thousands of dollars. We can save you the trouble, hassle, and extra expense of shipping your rugs overseas to have them restored by experts. Feel free to get in touch with us and allow us to introduce you to our highly experienced team of Chinese Art Deco rug repair and restoration specialists. 

Top Rug Cleaning & Restoration Services at Affordable Rates

We offer free, comprehensive, and transparent price quotes on all our Chinese Art Deco cleaning services. We warmly invite you to get in touch with our friendly customer support team to learn more about our competitive prices and line of work. 


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