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Do you need professional cleaners for antique rugs that are over 100 years old? Looking for an expert cleaner in the NY area who can tackle a stained, 50-year vintage rug? No matter what type of antique rugs might be decorating the floors of your house or commercial space, professional cleaning services are mandatory to prolong their lifespan and preserve their integrity and charm for more years to come. 

We here at Area Rug Cleaning NYC specialize in the entire range of antique and vintage area rug cleaning solutions. We can help you preserve the functionality and beauty in your rugs for longer with proven cleaning methods that will not wreak any havoc on the rugs. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we could do for your exact type of antique rug or keep reading to find out how we handle the cleaning procedures for these carpets. 

What We Can Do for Your Antique Rugs 

We employ effective rug cleaning methods that have proven their efficiency with hundreds of different customers over the years. Our technicians rely on one-of-a-kind unique procedures and tools for removing dirt that is deeply embedded in the foundation or trapped at the surface. They know why they need to avoid regular vacuum cleaners they would normally use for regular carpeting, as these could wreak havoc on antique rugs with natural insect- and plant-based dyes and unique weaving techniques. 

Washing is usually done with dedicated hand washing techniques with brushes with soft bristles and shampoos with a balanced pH to avoid color runs and structural damage. Here are some of the most popular vintage and antique rug cleaning services we are hired to do most often:

  • deep vacuuming and washing 
  • color restoration
  • structural damage repairs
  • rug restoration
  • frayed edge patch ups
  • tear, hole, and rip refurbishing holes

Our Antique Rug Cleaning Services 

Standard washing techniques cannot be used on antique rugs as they could leave soap residue, hard minerals, and traces of crystallized salt behind. In turn, this could cut into the fibers, brittling and deteriorating the rigs in time. This means that our technicians will always avoid using dry-cleaning options, moth-proof, steam cleaning, and other similar methods that can prove to be highly efficient on other types of rugs. Non-electric sweepers may work well on vintage or antique rugs with low piles. The original rig inspection will help us determine the best course of action. 

Since most antique rugs are woven with natural fabrics including silk, wool, and cotton, their fibers are highly absorbent and porous. This is why the first step of the cleaning process involves determining its age and pile. 

Next, our technicians assess the rug’s padding to find out if the rug requires washing or not. 

Not the under-structure of the rug and the pile are examined to look for dirt build-up deposits affecting the foundation. The washing stage is done with the help of temperature-controlled water and ends with dry cleaning that matches the state of the fibers. 

It is important to know that antique rugs require a lot of attention and careful assessments to determine their unique manufacturing characteristics and cleaning requirements. This is why it is essential to only rely on professional cleaners with a lot of experience in the industry who have come across the entire range of antique rugs over the years.  

The cleaning ends with a detailed inspection of the rug that guarantees no stains or problems are left behind. 

If possible, we recommend having your rugs cleaned by expert antique rug cleaners NY once every five years or more often. It is important to have the rugs tumbled or hand-washed with the help of state-of-the-art machines to reach deep into the foundation and remove all debris particles that cannot be removed with regular vacuum cleaners.

Our Stain Removal Solutions for Antique Rugs 

With the help of stain removal products with gentle formulas and zero harmful toxins with zero reactive cleansing agents, our technicians proceed to remove any staining. Since the majority of antique rugs are made of wool that contains large amounts of lanolin, a powerful stain repellent If liquid spills are fairly easy to clean. Ideally, blotting should be done as soon as the spill occurs to prevent any staining. If the staining has already occurred, our experts can use the right type of gentle soap or shampoo, including unscented mild soap for red wine staining. 

Antique Rug Repairs & Restoration NY

When trying to decide if repairing or restoring your antique rug is an investment worth making, you should consider the value of the rug instead of its aesthetics. Repairing a rug will affect its value by increasing it when the restoration work is flawless, which is why these services make sense for many owners. On the other hand, in the case of poor-quality repairs, the results would be the exact opposite. This is why it is essential to always make sure that you will be working with an expert fully trained team of IICRC-certified carpet cleaners with lots of years of experience repairing and restoring antique rugs. Area Rug Cleaning NYC checks all the boxes, with a highly trained staff and over two and a half decades of experience under our belt. 

We can replace missing or damaged fringes, restore faded colors, re-weave and re-knot damaged areas of a rug using similar methods as the ones used to manufacture the rug while matching the color dyes. A well-trained rug repairman with lots of skills should have no problem successfully reproducing the manufacturing technique of an antique rug, considerably increasing its value. Whether you need assistance with Mamluk, Safavid Dynasty, Mashahir, Kermani, or Tabriz rugs or other types of antique carpets with historical significance, give us a call.

Convenient Antique Rug Cleaning Rates 

If you need top-quality, reliable, and affordable antique rug cleaning services anywhere in the NY area that will not poke a hole in your pocket, get in touch with us. Start by accepting our transparent and comprehensive price estimates with zero obligation and let us schedule a cleaning or restoration job with us. 

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