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Revitalize your space with our top-notch Ruggable rug cleaning service in NYC.

Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your rugs are cleaned to the highest standards.

We take pride in delivering exceptional results, leaving your rugs looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Let us take care of your Ruggable rugs so you can enjoy a clean and healthy living environment.

Contact us today to schedule your rug cleaning service and experience the difference!

Our Services

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We provide Ruggable cleaning services for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether it’s your home or office, you’ll receive professional care that guarantees your rugs look their best.

Our team manages everything from pick-up to delivery, making the process hassle-free for you.


Transform your living space with our exceptional residential cleaning services, designed to keep your Ruggable rugs looking pristine and vibrant. Our team understands the value and aesthetics that a Ruggable rug brings to your home.

With their machine-washable design, these rugs are a practical choice for busy households, but even machine-washable rugs need professional care to maintain their beauty and longevity.

We specialize in cleaning Ruggable rugs, using techniques that ensure thorough cleaning without compromising the fabric’s integrity. Our process removes stubborn stains, allergens, and accumulated dirt, revitalizing your rugs to their original splendor.

You won’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning; we handle everything from start to finish, including pickup and delivery.

Our family-owned business has been serving NYC for 25 years, and we bring a personal touch to every service we offer. When you choose us, you’re not just another customer; you’re part of our community.

We take pride in offering meticulous and trustworthy care for your home’s decor. Let’s help you create a cleaner, cozier living space with our excellent residential Ruggable rug cleaning services. Join our family of satisfied clients and experience the difference.


Elevate your business setting with our top-tier commercial Ruggable rug cleaning services, crafted to keep your office spaces looking professional and welcoming.

We recognize that first impressions matter, and a clean, well-maintained rug can greatly enhance your workplace’s ambiance. Our specialized cleaning process guarantees your Ruggable rugs are spotless, fresh, and ready to impress clients and employees alike.

Ruggable rugs are easy to clean, but our professional touch takes it a step further. We utilize advanced cleaning techniques to eliminate even the toughest stains, ensuring your rugs maintain their vivid colors and patterns.

Our team is trained to manage the unique two-piece system of Ruggable rugs, ensuring a thorough clean without compromising the rug’s integrity.

Opting for our commercial cleaning service means you’re investing in a healthier, more efficient work environment. We offer flexible scheduling to minimize disruption to your business, and our complimentary on-site estimates make the process hassle-free.

Additionally, with our convenient pickup and delivery service, maintaining your office’s cleanliness has never been simpler.

Join the many NYC businesses that rely on us to keep their spaces immaculate. Experience the impact a professionally cleaned Ruggable rug can make today.

Why Choose Us

When you choose us, you’re getting experienced technicians who know Ruggable rugs inside and out.

We use eco-friendly products and advanced technology to guarantee your rugs are cleaned safely and effectively.

Plus, our satisfaction guarantee means you can trust that we’ll get the job done right.

Experienced Technicians

Our experienced technicians bring decades of hands-on expertise to guarantee your Ruggable rugs receive the best cleaning care in NYC. When you choose us, you’re benefiting from a team that understands the unique characteristics of your machine-washable Ruggable rugs.

We understand that these rugs aren’t just floor coverings but integral parts of your home’s aesthetic and functionality. Our specialized techniques make certain that your Ruggable rugs are treated with the utmost care, maintaining their vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

We acknowledge that your Ruggable rugs are designed to withstand the demands of a busy household, from kids to pets. Our technicians have honed their skills to meet these challenges head-on, using advanced cleaning methods tailored specifically for machine-washable rugs.

You can trust us to handle your rugs as if they were our own, making sure they come back to you spotless and fresh.


Select our eco-friendly cleaning methods that ensure your Ruggable rugs are spotless without harming the environment. It’s clear you prioritize maintaining a clean and green home, and we’re aligned with that dedication.

Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and biodegradable, guaranteeing your machine-washable Ruggable rugs receive the utmost care and consideration for the planet.

By becoming part of our community, you’re opting for a sustainable future. Our eco-friendly processes reduce water waste and minimize chemical runoff, making us a wise choice for mindful homeowners.

Rest assured, our methods are safe for your loved ones, pets, and the environment, all while delivering outstanding outcomes.

Recognizing your emphasis on cleanliness and environmental stewardship, we’ve refined our techniques to mirror your values. When you select us, you not only receive expertly cleaned machine-washable Ruggable rugs but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Join our expanding family of environmentally conscious customers who value top-notch service without compromising their beliefs.

Let’s collaborate to maintain your home’s beauty and preserve our planet’s greenery. Opt for us for a fresher rug and a cleaner world.

Advanced Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, it’s clear that your Ruggable rugs receive the most thorough and efficient cleaning possible. Our advanced cleaning systems are specially designed to handle the unique two-piece structure of your Ruggable rugs. Acknowledging the importance of maintaining the integrity of both the machine-washable cover and the non-slip pad, we ensure that each component is treated with the utmost care.

By choosing our service, you’re opting for precision and excellence. Our cutting-edge equipment and techniques penetrate deep into the fibers, removing dirt, allergens, and stains without compromising the quality of your rug. It’s evident that you take pride in your home, and we’re here to help you keep it immaculate. Our technology not only cleans but also extends the life of your Ruggable rugs, making them look as good as new.

You belong to a community that values cleanliness and sophistication. Let’s take the hassle out of maintaining your machine-washable Ruggable rugs. With our expert touch, you’ll experience the perfect blend of innovation and care, ensuring your home remains a welcoming sanctuary for family and friends. Choose us, and join a family of satisfied customers who rely on our advanced technology.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you’re always delighted with the cleanliness and care of your Ruggable rugs. It’s clear how important it’s for your home to feel welcoming and spotless. That’s why we back our services with a promise of complete satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll make it right—no questions asked.

Choosing us means you’re entrusting your Ruggable rugs to experts who follow precise washing instructions to maintain their quality and longevity. We acknowledge every rug is unique, and our specialized cleaning techniques are tailored to meet those individual needs. From the moment we pick up your rug to the time we deliver it back, our team handles it with the utmost care.

Being a part of the NYC community for 25 years, we pride ourselves on offering a service that feels like family. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in our abilities. Our satisfaction guarantee is more than just a promise; it’s our commitment to providing you with an exceptional cleaning experience every single time. Choose us, and join a community that values quality and care.

Our Process

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Our cleaning process starts with a meticulous inspection to assess the condition and specific needs of your Ruggable rug. We acknowledge that every rug has its unique story and requirements, and our team is dedicated to providing personalized care. Since Ruggable rugs are machine-washable, we take advantage of their design to make sure a thorough and effective cleaning.

Once the inspection is complete, we carefully remove the rug cover from the non-slip pad. This two-piece system makes it easier for us to handle and clean each component separately, ensuring no part is overlooked.

We then pre-treat any stains or heavily soiled areas to break down dirt and grime.

Next, the machine-washable rug cover is gently washed using eco-friendly detergents that are tough on stains but gentle on fabrics. Meanwhile, the non-slip pad is cleaned with appropriate methods to maintain its grip and functionality.

After washing, both parts are thoroughly dried to prevent any mold or mildew development.

Customer Testimonials

You’ll find numerous customer testimonials that showcase the high level of satisfaction with our Ruggable cleaning service. Many of our clients rave about the convenience and effectiveness of our service, especially appreciating the machine-washable feature of their Ruggable rugs. They frequently share how our thorough cleaning process not only revitalizes their rugs but also maintains their vibrant designs and colors.

One customer mentioned, ‘I was amazed at how fresh and clean my rug looked after using the service. It’s like having a brand-new rug without the hassle of buying one!’

Another satisfied client shared, ‘With kids and pets, our Ruggable rugs get dirty fast. This service has been a lifesaver, making our machine-washable rugs look spotless every time.’

Our community values the sense of belonging that comes from knowing their home environment is clean and welcoming. They trust us to handle their Ruggable rugs with care and expertise. Our consistent, excellent service has earned us a loyal customer base who repeatedly choose us for their rug cleaning needs.

Join our satisfied clients and experience the difference our Ruggable cleaning service can make in your home.


competitive pricing for products

When considering our Ruggable cleaning service, you’ll find that the pricing is straightforward and competitive. We recognize that you value transparency and affordability, and we’ve structured our prices to reflect this commitment. Whether you have a small doormat or a large area rug, our pricing ensures you get the best value for your investment in maintaining your Ruggable rugs.

Here’s a clear breakdown of our Ruggable cleaning service pricing:

We believe in making our Ruggable cleaning service accessible to everyone in NYC. Our competitive pricing means you don’t have to compromise on quality or service. Plus, our family-operated business takes pride in providing excellent care for your rugs, giving you peace of mind.

Service Areas

In addition to our competitive pricing, we proudly serve a wide range of neighborhoods throughout NYC to guarantee convenient access to our Ruggable cleaning services. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a clean and welcoming home, our goal is to make it easy for you, no matter where you reside in the city.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the key areas we cover:

  1. Manhattan: From the bustling streets of Midtown to the serene corners of the Upper West Side, we’ve got Manhattan residents covered.
  2. Brooklyn: Whether you’re in trendy Williamsburg or the family-friendly neighborhoods of Park Slope, our Ruggable cleaning service is just a call away.
  3. Queens: We cater to the diverse communities of Queens, from Astoria to Forest Hills, ensuring your Ruggable rugs stay spotless.
  4. The Bronx: Residents of The Bronx can also benefit from our meticulous Ruggable cleaning services, maintaining your space fresh and inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Cleaning Process Take From Pickup to Delivery?

You can expect the cleaning process to take about 5-7 days from pickup to delivery. We’ll handle everything, so you can relax and look forward to enjoying your freshly cleaned rug in no time.

Can You Clean Ruggable Rugs With Pet Stains?

Yes, we can clean Ruggable rugs with pet stains. Our specialized cleaning techniques guarantee your rug stays fresh and spotless, making your home welcoming for everyone, including your furry friends. Feel confident in our expertise!

Do You Offer Emergency Cleaning Services for Spills?

Yes, we provide emergency cleaning services for spills! Simply contact us, and we’ll arrive promptly to address any urgent cleaning requirements. Your rugs deserve top-notch care, and we’re here to assist you.

What Types of Detergents or Cleaning Solutions Do You Use?

We use eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents and cleaning solutions to guarantee your rugs stay safe for your family and pets. Our products are tough on stains but gentle on your fabric, keeping your home fresh and inviting.

Are There Any Special Care Instructions Post-Cleaning?

After cleaning, you should avoid placing heavy furniture on the rug for 24 hours to prevent indentations. Also, make sure it’s completely dry before use to maintain its quality and avoid potential damage.