Pet Stain Removal

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Rug Pet Urine Stain & Odor Removal

No matter how much you love your pets, they present challenges in keeping a home clean, smelling fresh, and healthy when accidents occur. Dealing with pet accidents when they happen is hard, but knowing where past accidents took place is even more challenging.
Professional rug cleaners use a light that detects accidents. The technicians can eliminate pet stains and the odor they cause.
A cleaning process contacts the odor source and causes a chemical reaction that destroys the odor.
The process even works on severe urine damage. The method used by experts has been tested against pet stains and odor. Nearly 100 percent of odor caused by cat or dog urine is removed. Beyond having the odor removed, the bacteria found in pet urine is also eliminated.

What Happens When Pets Have Accidents on the Rug?

Untreated, pet urine odor travels through the home and impacts the family’s health and happiness. The emitted smell invites pets to return to the same area for repeated deposits until it is eliminated. The carpet fibers and the floor beneath the accident area are also penetrated in addition to the unpleasant odor and unsightly stain left behind. Pet urine requires specialized cleaning that is well beyond simple treatments.

The odor permeates deeper and deeper into walls, floors, and the foundation and framework of a home the longer it goes untreated. As urine dries, evaporation removes the liquid, but urine crystals that are even more pungent and concentrated remain.
Simple cleaning does not remove the odor. Rug cleaning technicians use specially designed products that eliminate odor at the source. The products work at the molecular level to destroy urine crystals and fully remove the odor. The formula breaks down molecules deep in the carpet.

The Cleaning Process

Upholstery and rugs are saved when the technicians solve even the most severe pet urine problems. The first step taken by professionals is to inspect the carpet with special ultraviolet lighting. The light exposes odorous urine deposits and other problem areas not visible without the light.

Loose crystals and liquid are removed with a cleaning process using hot carbonated extraction. It is a deep cleaning rinse process. An odor removal product is then applied to each stain. It travels deep to reach the carpet pad and subfloor.
Those areas cannot be entered into with standard methods and cleaning products. It takes between 24 and 36 hours. When the treated area dries, the odor is gone. Having a professional, clean pet stains and remove the odor they cause is healthy for you and your family. The products used are non-toxic. They are safe for children and pets.

Why Call a Professional?

Getting old urine out of carpet is not an easy undertaking. Adding liquid to a urine stain will dilute and spread the urine. Blotting is insufficient because the stain and odors are deep in the fibers of the carpet and pores of the surface below.
Over-the-counter products do not absorb or extract the urine. The smell is masked for a short time. Eventually, the odor and stain return. The only way to ensure the stains and odors are removed is to put the problems in the hands of professionals.