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Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Antique rug experts provide professional cleaning services with attention to detail and delicacy. Family gatherings, pets, and children are hard on an Oriental rug. People think about cleaning area rugs before and after parties and family gatherings.
Maintaining the appearance of a rug is important. It should also be cleaned to protect the investment and for the family’s health. Professionals handle all types and sizes of rugs. Cleaning them is a delicate practice.
Deep cleaning removes nearly all stains from wine, food, and dirt. It also removes pet urine and odors. The washing technique is designed to protect and clean a family heirloom correctly. First, the technician will identify the origin of the rug and the nature of the fibers and dyes that were used.

Those characteristics determine the cleaning method to be used. Odors and pet stains require an additional cleaning process. It includes an enzyme wash that eliminates pet odor and removes pet urine stains.
It can be tempting but do not use a do-it-yourself remedy or any cleaning solution on the rug. Tackling the problem on your own can backfire and cause damage to the rug. Skilled technicians understand how to treat delicate fibers.

The Process of Cleaning Oriental Rugs

The rugs are beaten to remove debris and dirt. Water is used to soak the rugs. The front and back are brushed with soap and then rinsed. All water is squeezed out of the rugs in the nap direction. They are hand brushed to allow a smooth layer of the pile.

Materials Used in Oriental Rugs

Two types of material are used in making Oriental rugs, silk, and wool. What may seem like a simple distinction is a bit complicated. Imitation silk rugs, made of synthetic rayon and mercerized cotton are in the mix.
Silk rugs are more expensive and less durable than wool rugs. There is a significant risk in attempting to clean Oriental silk rugs on your own. A professional should definitely take on the task. Most Oriental rugs are made of wool.
Taking into account considerations, they clean up nicely with a bit of manual labor. Some shiny ‘silk’ rugs are made of treated mercerized cotton material. The same process is used to clean both mercerized cotton and wool rugs.
The biggest challenge is to ensure the dyes of the fabric do not bleed. A rug made of rayon is good and bad news. The good news is rayon is highly resistant to stains. Unfortunately, if the rug is rayon, it is not an Oriental rug.

Special Cleaning Considerations

Professional rug cleaners should clean Delicate, antique, high-valued or damaged rugs. They take into account
•Hand Dyed
•Previous damage
•Washed and painted

Oriental rugs may be worth thousands of dollars. The precious items should be placed in the hands of professional cleaners, especially if the rug could be damaged. Particular methods and cleaning products are used to preserve the rugs. Deep cleaning of Oriental rugs is only recommended on an as-needed basis rather than yearly cleanings.