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Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental and Asian rugs are a beautiful home addition. Like beautiful paintings and wall décor, rugs contribute…

Pet Urine Removal

No matter how much you love your pets, they present challenges in keeping a home clean, smelling fresh…

Color Restoration

Some rug damage is more noticeable that others. Stains and rips are easy to spot. Fading and bleeding colors occur gradually…

Moth Damage

Many people prepare for their annual deep cleaning as we enter the spring season. It is the ideal time to lift heavy furniture from…

Water Damage Repair

A very special rug holding sentimental value or one that has been passed through your family for generations…

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Antique rug experts provide professional cleaning services with attention to detail and delicacy…

Choose Trusted NYC Professionals to Clean Your Rugs

Oriental and Asian rugs are a beautiful home addition. Like beautiful paintings and wall décor, rugs contribute to the character of a well-decorated home. Unlike wall décor, area rugs receive foot traffic. Rugs are used to protect living spaces, liven them up, and to decorate. What protects the rugs?

We can provide you with the professional treatment needed to keep your rug vivid and in great shape.

We Use Green Seal Products

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Importance of Cleaning

Similar to upholstered furniture and carpet, area rugs serve as an air filter. They trap bacteria, allergens, and dirt. They prevent unhealthy elements from circulating. Air filters for ventilation systems need to be replaced regularly.

Rugs do not have to be replaced but should be cleaned on a regular basis. Trusted professionals provide high-quality area rug cleaning that focuses on attention to detail and care. As allergens and dirt are removed from the rugs, their original beauty is restored.

You wouldn’t send your car to a mechanic you don’t trust or let some unqualified person repair an appliance. You want an expert technician for these tasks. They know the best means of keeping those possessions in prime condition. You should not have your rugs taken care of by someone who cannot meet the same kind of standards.

The Rugs We Clean & Restore

  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Shag Rugs
  • Needlepoint Rugs

We are Ready to Serve You

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Qualified Rug Cleaners

The professionals you hire should be trained to clean any rug, from delicate and expensive Persian or Oriental rugs to traditional area rugs. They will use specialized equipment and tools designed for the rugs they clean.
Silk, cotton, wool, synthetic, and other types of rugs are not all cleaned with the same approach. Technicians use a gentle, yet effective cleaning and drying process that preserves the dye in the fibers of area rugs. Colors remain fresh and vibrant.

Fly-by-night cleaning services use products that leave residue behind after cleaning.

That residue attracts more dust and dirt and negates the benefit of having the area rugs cleaned. Trusted professionals don’t use cleaning products that leave dirt-attracting residue behind. The rugs stay cleaner longer. They provide a healthier, safer, and cleaner environment in the home for family members and pets.


15% OFF

Mold & Mildew Treatment
$200 minimum order


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Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning
$85 minimum order


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Pet Odor Control

Why Choose a Trusted Professional?

It is very likely that you spent quite some time selecting the ideal colors and pattern to match your lifestyle and home. It is crucial to give care and thought to decisions about cleaning and protecting your rugs.

Every area rug has unique care needs to maximize its durability and life. When selecting an Oriental rug or area rug cleaning service, it is worth knowing how the professionals will handle, treat, and clean the rugs.

Trusted professionals clean nearly any rug and make it look fabulous.

Expert technicians can be trusted with Romanian-Tabriz or Pakistan-Kashan rugs to clean them thoroughly. They ensure the rugs are carefully cleaned and handled by trained specialists who do a thorough evaluation to provide a safe, effective rug cleaning.

Because there is such a broad variety of styles and materials, the area rug cleaning NYC technician provides an analysis before cleaning the rug. An inspection for pet messes, stains, and problem areas that require spot cleaning or special attention is made. The gentle, in-depth rug cleaning process will remove allergens and dirt while preserving the fiber colors.

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They did an amazing job cleaning the dog urine from our oriental rug.
Thank You!

David Sullivan


We had a wine spilled on our Persian rug.. we found Area Rug Cleaning NYC online and arranged a free pickup, got the rug after 2 weeks looking awesome!

Diana Crow

Upper East Side

Finding a reliable for fine area rugs is not an easy task with all the endless options online. happy i got it right with these guys at the first time ?

Mark Russell

Brooklyn, NY